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Wikipedia: 印度共和国(印地語:भारत गणराज्य,Bhārat Gaṇarājya;英語:Republic of India),通称印度(印地語:…

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若飛Original:BREAKING At the time when the foreign ministers of india and China were talking in Russia last night at the same time PLA tried to move its troops towards Finger 3 of Pangong Tso ​
知未科技:财富密码!小米印度把MI 拆解成 MAKE IN india 大打“印度牌”,于是Redmi 9在50秒内就售罄了,看来印度人民嘴上说着不要,身体还是很诚实的嘛[偷笑] ​
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CCTVNEWS:#尼泊尔8.1级地震#【地震死亡人数已超过2200人 已有22名同胞遇难】Nepal’s national police spokesman said the death toll in Nepal rose to 2,152. Officials in india said the toll there stands at 57. 22 Chinese nationals are reported dead after the M8.1 quake. (AFP)
开心圣地亚哥:来发海鲜的!Food network有采访过,位于圣地亚哥Mission Hills的Bluewater Seafood。店里干净明亮,食客先挑鱼,然后选择调料和不同做法,还有生蚝大虾。海产绝对新鲜,简单的烹调保持鱼肉的原汁原味,难怪这里一到饭点就排队。1800yelp 好评。 地址:3667 india St, SD, 92103 @洛杉矶吃货小分队
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Paris_Poon:昨天去了little india,今天是印度人的新年大家都在置办年货,我也去凑了个热闹弄了个彩绘,现在外边儿在放烟花了好有新年的感觉 我也突然想家了π_π Jalan Tun Samban...
桂小哥_乌冬冬冬:Soon after Mark Zuckerberg showed his love for's now the turn of the other Facebook co-founder to do his bit. Eduardo Saverin, the billionaire co-founder of Facebook, will soon start making investments in india...在我心上用力的开一枪好吗【via:
法新社V:#UPDATE West Indies Cricket Board cancels games on india tour due to a payment dispute with players: indian board
法新社V:#BREAKING West Indies cancel india tour, says BCCI
JohnRoss431V:"india & China are the economies which have come most strongly through the financial crisis. india and China have the greatest counter-cyclical economic strength & the greatest potential for longer term economic growth." My analysis - background to seminar
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深圳日报-英文V:【每日一词】Sputter 缓慢不稳地进行。例句:Inflation is also easing in other parts of Asia from india to South Korea, where the economy is also sputtering and facing growing fears of deflation.(详见本报今日头版报道)
法新社V:Pakistan, india military talk on hotline amid Kashmir tensions
法新社Vindia launches new football league with glitzy opening ceremony
法新社V:#UPDATE Malala invites india, Pakistan PMs to attend Nobel ceremony
新华网英文版V:Modi launches Clean india campaign - indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a massive five-year "Clean india" campaign in the national capital on the occasion of the country's independence icon Mahatma Gandhi's 145th birth anniversary.
法新社V:RT AFPTV_en: india celebrates good over evil at popular Hindu festival #AFP #video
新华-我报道V:China, india withdraw troops, end border standoff, says China's foreign ministry
JohnRoss431V:China is doomed [泪] Modi announces new india secret weapon [吃惊] india says it will sell it to Abe [怒] China has no chance to defend itself in new war [汗]
新华网英文版V:People mark Durga Puja festival in india - Xinhua |
和讯网V:【莫迪推“印度制造”计划】印度总理纳莫迪推出“印度制造”计划(Make in india Campaign),希望将制造业占印度国内生产总值(GDP)的比重从目前的15%提升至25%,并为每年进入印度劳动力市场的逾1200万年轻人创造就业。
JohnRoss431V:Modi uninterested in shoring up America’s power. The signs are he is happy to undercut America’s agenda. india boycotted US-led meeting on climate change. india derailed WTO trade facilitation agreement >FT on Modi