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【行业资讯】跨境电商一周要闻 WeChat ID dowsure About Feature 豆沙包,啥都保!国内首家海淘一站式互联网保险资讯平台。包海淘、包... more
GlobalTimes:【“天涯尽头” - 天涯社区的没落】, along with a number of other once popular online forums such as and, has been on the decline in recent years due to rising competition from microblogs and other social media. [话筒]
lzh2U:it's time to doing sth,it's time to awake,must try to find something to love in someboby, even if it's a small thing. something about the way someone smiles.there's always something, there has to be. cause my heart is dieed in many years and sleeping too long[打哈欠].[拜拜]
我爱热可乐:【如何成为顶尖创业公司的头号设计师(英文)】 Over the past couple years at Designer Fund we’ve worked closely with many top startups to grow and develop their design teams. These startups build world-class products, value design, and invest heavily in thei...
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代写-Essay-assignmentand in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.——最终,真正重要的不是生命里的岁月,而是岁月中的生活。
澄澈逸浓:惊喜的发现虽然中老姜好多没看但是基本叫出名字来了~总觉得串到那个TVB出彩反派合集的MV里去了···我看了姜大卫MV: 60 years of acting and keep going...,mark一下。 到头来时光洗礼,唯有风采会留低[心]
GlobalTimesV:【农村的儒学课堂】Eighty years ago, the late Chinese ideologist and sinologist Liang Suming used to pointed out that two of the challenges that Chinese villages face as they move into the modern age are damage to moral standards and cultural dissonance.
CCTVNEWSV:【朝韩在板门店举行南北将军级军事会谈】The DPRK and S.Korea held their first high-level military talks in seven years on Wednesday, sources said, amid heightened tensions following a series of shootouts. (Yonhap)
新华网英文版V:China to donate 50 mln USD to FAO - Visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Wednesday that his country will donate 50 million U.S. dollars in the next five years to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). -
CCTVNEWSV:【中韩延长货币互换协议至2017年】China and S.Korea have agreed to extend an existing currency swap deal worth 360 bln yuan (about $58.7 bln) for 3 more years. The move is aimed at boosting trade and contributing to the financial stability of both countries.
译言V:【and in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.~Abraham Lincoln】#Best-Quotes#
GlobalTimesV:【“山羊绒之王”的缔造者Brunello Cucinelli】Welcome to the agreeable world of Brunello Cucinelli, the one-time hippy who spent 36 years transforming himself from engineering dropout into Italy's king of cashmere and champion of capitalism with a human face.
Icelandfish:Instagram today......Facebook 6 years ago......All I want to do Is be more like me and be less like you [doge]
幼稚傻仔muel_xChiChi:I want to say, I'm not an expect in this event, but shooting doesn't help solve problems. It only worsens them. For these years I've got to understand and accept the difference between two systems, but I still insist on criticism which advances what it is today.
法新社V:Serbian gays and lesbians stage their first Belgrade Pride Parade in four years
GlobalTimesV:【民委:民族八省区人均GDP增至33711元】The GDP per capita of the eight regions, including Tibet and Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous regions, rose from 22,196 yuan ($3,617) to 33,711 yuan in the past three years, Luo Liming, vice minister of State Ethnic Affairs Commission.
深圳日报-英文V:黑客入侵网银盗取321万元 获刑14年半。A court in Shanghai on Tuesday sentenced a hacker to 14 and a half years' imprisonment for stealing 3.21 million yuan (US$523,000) from online bank accounts. The unemployed 25-year-old, surnamed Wang, was also fined 30,000 yuan.
GlobalTimesV:Thierry Titcheu, 26, came from Cameroon to the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, Anhui Province, six years ago to study software engineering. He is now studying a Masters program at Tsinghua University and will graduate next July. [围观]
GlobalTimesV#深度#【来中国留学 不只为学汉语】 There were more than 356,000 students in 2013 from 200 countries and regions studying at China's 746 universities, research institutions and other teaching institutions, 8.6 percent more than in 2012.
JohnRoss431V:View held by some Chinese economists that productivity (TFP) can be main source of economic growth serious error - based on economic statistics which were shown to be wrong 30 years ago and now officially changed. See 中国经济增长是特殊国情还是普适规律?
深圳日报-英文V:王菲谢霆锋分手12年后复合。Pop queen Faye Wong and Hong Kong actor/singer Nicholas Tse were spotted back together after their split 12 years ago and marriages to other people.
管鑫SamV:23 years ago we burned the Great Wall to connect to the world, and now we celebrate the Great Fire Wall.