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Wikipedia: 病毒(英語:virus)是一種僅能在生物體的活細胞內複製繁衍的亞顯微病原體。它由一个核酸分子(DNA或RNA)与蛋白质构成的非细胞形态,為類生物,無法自行表現出生命現象,靠寄生生活的介於生命体及非生命體之間的有機物種…

I am not diminishing the severity of the viruses threat to public health. And put... more
Google谷歌爱好者#美剧硅谷# HooliXYZ = who? [Transformation] Self-driving cars? Flying cars? Self-flying cars? A space elevator? A cure for the AIDS virus? A non-polluting engine that runs on the AIDS virus? Are these things even possible? Well…at HooliXYZ
小柴胡shiba:覺得CNN簡介Ebola virus 的影片很不錯,可是我不知道要怎麼把facebook的影片轉過來(如果是youtube或許還能先載下來....
Aya-PD#轉推# #戏剧性谋杀# #DMMd# #virus# 精神污染..233333333 via twi:hiki(@ hiki_)
CCTVNEWSV:【世卫组织宣布塞内加尔埃博拉疫情结束】The UN health agency has officially declared an end to the Ebola outbreak in Senegal. The WHO said the number of people impacted by the Ebola virus will surpass 9,000 this week, with more than 4,500 deaths in W. Africa.
GlobalTimesV:【奇虎360诉腾讯公司反垄断案二审宣判】China's supreme court upheld a final verdict on Thursday rejecting the lawsuit launched by one of China's biggest anti-virus software providers Qihoo 360 against Tencent Holdings over alleged market monopoly.
Brack-Obama美国与上帝同在:对@美国驻华大使馆 说:In order to secure the safety of the American people and the people of the world, Congress must pass a ban on U.S. citizens traveling to Africa Act, thus reducing the Ebola virus infection on the United States. Must as soon as possible.
新华-我报道V:Chinese scientists find virus that can kill cancer cells without harming normal cells
GRidT_涂格:【新单发布】#左右电音# virus T Studio Records|Electro House|Maurizio Gubellini & Reebs - Bols (Original Mix)| 下载:密码:V6JF|我喜欢这个厂牌Logo, 这首曲子也秒赞`
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CCTVNEWSV:【埃博拉致死人数增至3338 病例数突破7千】 Death toll of the Ebola virus has reached 3,338, while 7,178 have been infected in West Africa, World Health Organization said on Thursday. 375 health care workers have become infected with the virus. 211 of them died as a result.
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新华网英文版V#埃博拉病毒# 【美国本土确诊首例埃博拉患者】First Ebola case diagnosed in U.S.: CDC - A patient in Texas has tested positive for Ebola, becoming the first person diagnosed in the U.S. with the deadly virus, U.S. health authorities said Tuesday.
CCTVNEWSV:【第5名感染埃博拉美国医生回国接受治疗】A fifth American patient,who was working in an Ebola treatment unit in Sierra Leone and infected with the Ebola virus,was brought home Sunday afternoon and arrived at the US National Institute of Health,local media reports.(Xinhua/图据网络)
GlobalTimesV:超半数政府网站存安全隐患】A survey by the National Computer virus Emergency Response Center revealed that 50.4 percent of the total 2,714 government websites surveyed in 2013 contained security flaws. [话筒]
新华网英文版V:【世卫组织:埃博拉疫苗或将于明年1月投入使用】Ebola vaccine might be ready for limited distribution in early 2015: WHO - World Health Organization on Friday said potential vaccine against Ebola virus might be ready for limited distribution in January 2015.
CCTVNEWSV:【驻塞拉利昂中国医疗人员成功测试5例埃博拉病毒样例】China has successfully tested five Ebola RNA samples for the 1st time in Sierra Leone on Wed. Four of the samples were positive and one negative. It was also the first contact of Chinese experts with the Ebola virus. (Xinhua)
CCTVNEWSV:【世卫组织:埃博拉致死人数升至2803】2,803 people have been killed by the Ebola virus in West Africa and 5,843 cases found as of Monday, according to the World Health Organization. 337 health care workers have been infected, and at least 181 of those have lost their lives.
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复旦大学冯玮V:回复@啡色大白鲨:听说过“ 礼崩乐坏 ” 这个词吗?意思就是社会秩序的破坏。//@啡色大白鲨:你的解释对吗?//@复旦大学冯玮:回复@疯旗virus:和“礼”对应的是“乐”。礼强调“差异”,乐强调“和同”。即“上下有序”,“众民和谐”。
CCTVNEWSV:【中国提供更多援助抗击埃博拉】China has pledged 32 million US dollars to help West African nations fight the Ebola virus. It will also provide two million dollars to the World Health Organisation and another two million to the African Union for the purpose.
GlobalTimesV:【过半政府网站不安全】More than half of the government websites have been deemed unsafe due to a lack of proper safeguards, according to a recent report published by the National Computer virus Emergency Response Center.
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