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China defends against incoming second wave of coronavirus WeChat ID ijobheadhunt... more
CharlockLiu:边画(no)power (no) point边消化入围上届最佳外语片的丹麦电影the hunt, 怎么感觉丹麦那个小村庄发生的这件故事都可以让我憋屈到我以为在看呢?结论还是一致的,发达国家的人性不会比不发达国家发达。
法新社V:#UPDATE Rescuers hunt for 100 trekkers still missing in Nepal after a deadly snowstorm in the Himalayas
feichenpan:游戏开发商CD Projekt Red日前在其官方Facebook上曝光了一张《巫师3狂猎(the Witcher 3: Wild hunt)》的全新概念图,图中展示了手持宝剑的主角杰洛特与能操纵火焰的女法师一起并肩作战。《巫师3狂猎》将于2015年2月24日发售上市,登陆PC,PS4和XBOX ONE平台,其PC版将支持NVIDIA的PhysX和DX11技术。
CCTVNEWSV:【英国首相卡梅伦就“IS斩首英国人质”发表讲话:誓将抓获凶手】UK Prime Minister David Cameron has held an emergency meeting with military and security chiefs condemning the killing of British hostage David Haines by IS. He vowed to hunt down those responsible.
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CCTVNEWSV:【“斩首”美国记者的伊极端分子带英国口音 首相卡梅伦紧急回国参与调查】British intelligence services have launched a hunt for a man with a British accent whose voice is heard on the IS video that appears to show American journalist James Foley’s beheading.
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Marry-LXHthe state of the shortage of firewood You want to point burning soul hunt loving King addicted to love. I was born to love God of war. the light of the moon and vertigo Wake up to love without fear of the brave Romantic network not of want to In crazy for love war
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GlobalTimesV#深度# 【北京河道里的捞虫人】With Beijing sweltering under a hot summer, "fishermen" of sorts have swarmed to the Qinghe river, Changping district. But they are not on the hunt for fish. Instead, they seek out mosquito larvae which they collect to sell as fish food. [照相机]
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HanmoGao:He knows a heart of jealous will knock on his door one day and hunt him down. He slammed the it to keep the tension inside. He had surrendered to the darkness and aloofness in his heart. Before the earliest light comes in, he know he has an instant to retain.
SolidotV:【GOG宣布DRM-free游戏平台Galaxy】Good Old Games (GOG)宣布了DRM-free游戏平台Galaxy,它还宣布了《the Witcher 3: Wild hunt》开放预售。...
盈康:A body has been found in the hunt for a missing British backpacker in Malaysia. Gareth huntley, 34, from Cricklewood in north London, went missing while on a trek to a waterfall on Tuesday 27 May.
求真留实:发表了博文 《马航找不到,《科学》也着急》 - 马航找不到,《科学》也着急 今天出般的美国《科学》杂志发表如下由主编写的社论: EDITORIAL: the hunt for MH370 Marcia
_张定国_:Oh my! Burke! What the FCK! the way I loved u was consuming Mer says: you're leaving God, what about Owen hunt,,, Oh my, it's beautiful but too much for me to take in
法新社V:#UPDATE Australia is to intensify the underwater hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
Mingo团:每次听到Lenka就会想到Yang和hunt[悲伤][悲伤][悲伤]Cristina真的要和Burke在一起了咩[委屈][委屈][委屈]预告说He is the love of her life~~那Owen算虾米[泪][泪][泪]吴卓姗你为什么不演了!!!(考验真粉的时候到了,你们懂我在说什么)--致下夜班脑残粉,切忌摇摆不定和纠结
aliceshq:#小沈观影记之the hunt#很intense的一部意外收获的电影,抱着对scandinavian极大的兴趣看下来,Mads Mikkelsen您这高冷的的气质到底如何练就的啊,一看到就无法移开眼,多po一张图!以前就在和@陈悦帆想回家 讨论说小孩子是不是邪恶,并且人之初应该性本恶之类,看完这部我真的有点怕小孩。
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法新社V:Manchester City stay in the hunt for the English Premier League title via YahooSports https://
法新社V:RT JohnSaeki: #INFOGRAPHIC Summary of the main developments in the epic hunt for MH370 AFP
全球追缉清华毒杀案嫌犯:【Thallium poisoning case of Zhu Ling】 —— I am here! hunt down and prosecute the main suspect of Sun Wei(born 1973-08-20; it is believed Sun Wei has changed her name to Sun Shiyan (孙释颜)).
郑渊洁V:我在美国纽约证交所见证微博在纳斯达克上市。 我在这里:
谷大白话:【boobies: 鰹鳥】Boobies hunt fish by diving from a height into the sea and pursuing their prey underwater. Facial air sacs under their skin cushion the impact with the water.
谷大白话V#奥斯卡颁奖礼咪咪歌#【双语字幕】2013年第85届奥斯卡颁奖礼上,主持人Seth MacFarlane唱了一首极其三俗无节操的《我们看过你的咪咪》,黑遍各位好莱坞女星。
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新华网英文版V:【Update: 澳大利亚搜寻马航370航班联合协调中心10日说,澳飞机当天发现疑似信号】An Australian search plane has detected a possible signal in hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the search coordination center said on Thursday. -