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CCTVNEWSV:【中国981钻井平台南海发现高产气田】china’s No. 981 oil rig has discovered its 1st deepwater gas field in the south china sea. The Lingshui 17-2 gas field is some 150 km south of Hainan and will produce about 1.6 million cubic meters of gas per day.
GlobalTimesV#头条新闻#【习近平出访马尔代夫 谈共建海上丝绸之路】President Xi Jinping, currently on a four-nation Asian tour, has reiterated china's grand vision of a 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, planned to span from the south china sea to East Africa. [话筒]
新华网英文版V:【我国南海发现第一个自营深水高产大气田】CNOOC reports first deepwater gas discovery in south china sea - china's largest producer of offshore oil and gas CNOOC said Monday that CNOOC 981 has made its first deepwater gasfield discovery in the south china sea -
新华-我报道Vchina's CNOOC reports 1st deepwater gas discovery in south china sea
新华网英文版V:【台风“海鸥”迫近南海 中国中央气象台发布黄色预警】Typhoon Kalmaegi approaching south china sea - china's top observatory on Sunday evening issued a yellow alert for tropical storm as Typhoon Kalmaegi was approaching the south china sea.
CCTVNEWSV:【台风“海鸥”下周一将进入南海 国家海洋预报台发布黄色警报】china's Marine Forecast Station issued a yellow alert, the 3rd in its four-tier warning system, as Typhoon Kalmaegi is expected to enter the south china sea on Monday. Kalmaegi is now moving toward northern Philippines.
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新华网英文版V:【外交部:越方指责中方在西沙群岛海域骚扰越南渔船不符合事实】Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying on Wednesday refuted reports about a conflict with a Vietnamese fishing boat in the Xisha Islands in the south china sea as "incompatible with fact".
GlobalTimesV:Both china and Vietnam have advantages in this simmering row. Beijing has a strategic edge and a powerful resolve, while Hanoi has a geographical advantage as it is located nearer to the south china sea.
GlobalTimesV#社评#【越南派特使来华可不是“服软求和”】Vietnam's Communist Party Politburo's Le Hong Anh arrived in Beijing Tuesday for a two-day visit, as a special envoy of the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong. [话筒]
GlobalTimesV#社评# 【合作成为东盟外长会主旋律】It was quite a surprise to china when the Obama administration pitched the "pivot to Asia" strategy in 2009. Washington has kept pushing so the dormant controversies in the East china sea and south china sea have become more explicit. [话筒]
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CCTVNEWSV:【王毅:中国和东盟完全有能力维护好南海和平稳定】Speaking at the AseaN meeting in Myanmar, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed that china and AseaN nations are capable of safeguarding peace & stability in the south china sea.
CCTVNEWSV:【王毅:中国不接受菲方的“南海新倡议” 倡议应该是客观公正的】Chinese foreign minister has reinforced unshakable position over the south china sea at an AseaN meeting. In response to Philippine "triple action plan", Wang Yi called for fair code of conduct to settle the dispute.
CCTVNEWSV:【王毅会见克里就南海问题表态】Chinese foreign minister has met his US counterpart on the sideline of an AseaN meeting in Myanmar. Wang Yi said china hopes to resolve the south china sea dispute through dialogue.
GlobalTimesV:The white paper said china lacks a clear goal in its military development and its security policies are not transparent. Also, it said china's air and sea activities in the East china sea and the south china sea have been "dramatically expanding" and "increasingly active."
GlobalTimesV#今日头条# 【日本《防卫白皮书》鼓吹集体自卫权】Japan's Defense Ministry in its annual white paper on Tuesday claimed that the nation is facing a worsening security environment as neighboring countries increase military activity in the region. [话筒]
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Romney-Obama强势美国与上帝同在:对@韩国驻华大使馆 说:警告你们韩国高丽棒子别瞎掺和南海事务,如瞎掺和就鼓动朝鲜打你个王八蛋。그러한 당신에게 나쁜 아들을 치고 북한 격려에 맹인 블렌딩 한국 남중국해 (south china sea)의 업무를, 혼합 당신에게 Gaolibangzi Biexia을 경고.
新华网英文版V:【中国海军首次在南海成功组织编队实扫战雷研练】china conducts mine-clearance drill in S china sea - The Chinese navy has conducted a mine clearance drill in formation in the south china sea for the first time, according to a navy's statement.
beike119:Typhoon RAMMASUN over the middle south china sea visiting hainan Island during 18-19 July, chilling for a while and then heading to the Gulf of Thailand. heavy rain. People keep ashore or be very skillful with your surfing!
CCTVNEWSV:【中国外交部回应美涉南海言论:望严守中立】china, on Tuesday, urged "countries outside the region" to stay out of the disputes in the south china sea, after a US official proposed that claimants freeze actions that could change the status-quo in the region.
CCTVNEWSV:【[话筒]强台风“威马逊”登陆南海】Typhoon Rammasun is expected to hit the south china sea today after lashing the eastern Philippines. Seven meter waves are expected in the south china sea by Thursday with the Zhongsha and Xisha Islands likely to be affected.
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CATTI口笔译集中营:【微资讯】 china told the United States on Tuesday to stay out of disputes over the south china sea and leave countries in the region to resolve problems themselves, after Washington said it wanted a freeze on stoking tension.