"Wonderful Nine" on Sina Weibo

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Jiayu佳钰@Hayley胡佳嬑 Consolidated all your replies (Blog/Dayre/Insta/Twitter/Weibo)I treasure all of them! Thank you for the Wonderful Nine months (:[爱你]
13木古古:They just keep walking and talking, while everything just becomes so simple but Wonderful. Waiting for the second Nine-year agreement of Celine and Jesse is just like waiting for the pure and true belief of love in the heart
小丸子丸子丸子FPA:睡了差不多四个小时起床回去!很累但是很有精神!因为有你们在身边~@Red-Nine @LynnCSY_远 三斤你快走了这也许是最后一面,苟富贵,勿相忘!!hndsorry。。我是不是把你踹下床了还是(-_-)。。whatever! Thanks for the Wonderful and unforgettable night with you and bigbangbye~~~~