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Wikipedia: 直接询问的主动动词,(i.e. "to ask," "[they] asked," "[are] asking")。Ask可能是指: 音乐 …

反仇亚日记|爸爸和女儿的争议:我们该不该去参加活动? Weixin ID treeinthehouse | About Feature 女权主义是一种人道主义... more
蚁工厂:[并不简单]//@王依依:翻译: ask for one second //@美人她爹:蛤蛤蛤//@响马: 计于民不是个人名,民是个人名。问计于民的意思是:👓
雪丫蛋蛋://@洛之秋:商务信函实战案例:How to ask for a favor 喜欢学英文的同学不应该错过 //@mukipedia: 略辛酸。
野果酱Subverter:Al-Nursa 论民主: In today’s world, people have become corrupt. If we ask these people to vote, to elect someone to be in charge, then they will choose the biggest thief among themselves. That’s why I am against democracy, against rule by the people.
刘承俊:I mean business when I'm in the gym~I don't play around or horse play but if you'd ask for my autograph or ask me to take a picture with someone? I'll be happy to do that well I'm always greatful for the support and love from my fans thank you guys 很努力健身 大家一起来吧
严浩RB:matz: Don't ask for permission, beg for forgiveness; Don't value ideas; Never give up; Mind the power of OSS; Mind the community; Be amateurs
大须仁:I'm the type of person,if you ask me a question, and I don't know the answer,I'm gonna to tell you that I don't know.But I bet you what: I know how to find the answer, and I'll find the answer.
Fina国际泳联V:I'm going to be doing a #AskTomDaley video very soon! Ask away to that hashtag and I will try and answer as many as possible! 我即将做一个#询问汤姆戴利 的小视频活动哦!大家会想问我什么问题呢[思考],我将尽最大努力回答大家[话筒]
仙户:Which one do you prefer? Sunny gold Stef or class black Stef? @孙燕姿 en... you may say... ask my son... LOl...
ke-sanG:【置顶】■Link:Bilist【 】Nico【】ask【】pixiv【】Lofter【】twitter【@tsukamotoge
JohnRoss431V:Request for help Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is currently in China speaking Putonghua. As Facebook refuses to let me advertise my economics blog, which supports China's economic reform, if I ask in English could someone ask him in Chinese
唐寒枝:不行红零走了好难过槽...当初玩剑三有一部分原因是为了去经历她ask中的事【躺 总是不能兼顾啊。
肉包子也是包子@wu世勋-EXO hi, sehun, please ask your fans to leave my baby alone, so do you. If you really treated him as your friend, you would stand out and protect him. Would you?用中文说就是请你家小可爱别再犯贱了好么
葱_聪250:Just when I thought this year couldn't get worse, I have another roommate who cares not for his fellow roommate. Inconsiderate bastards, ask your mom over and see what happens this time! DICK![奥特曼]
冰冻:《提问的智慧》「提問的智慧(How To Ask Questions The Smart Way)」是由知名黑客 Eric S. Raymond 所撰寫,被廣泛轉錄,可以很容易地透過Google搜尋到。中文翻译: 相关介绍
KEY情趣探索学院V:#费洛蒙·早安#In your life, there will at least one time that you forget yourself for someone, asking for no result,no ownership,Just ask for meeting you in my most beautiful years.一生至少该有一次,为了某个人而忘了自己,不求有结果,不求曾经拥有,只求在我最美的年华里,遇到你。
medusa722:[思考][疑問] After doing exercise. Remember one guy said that my face didn't look like Chinese when he saw me the 2nd time at MANIGUA before. Then I wanna ask him what nationality do I look like now ?!
盜筆一生推瓶邪生一堆#Dmmd#红雀你是不是想这么做想了很久了[挖鼻屎] tumblr: ask-aoba-dmmd
stellavessalius:Can i ask you,kusoya?you can open facebook in China?is it not blocked? @夜一Kusoya