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教你疯狂背单词:【英语交流中的客套话】1. So far so good(目前为止,一切都好) 2. Be my guest(请便、别客气) 3. You're the boss(听你的) 4.I've heard so much about you!(久仰大名!) 5. I'll keep my ears open(我会留意的) 6. Sorry to bother you(抱歉打扰你。) 7.That's really something!(真了不起!)(转)
教你疯狂背单词:【如何鼓励别人】①Keep your chin up. 别灰心!②Keep it up. 坚持下去!③Be a man. 拿出点勇气来!④Cheer up. 振作起来!⑤You have our backing. 我们支持你!⑥Don't let us down. 别让我们失望!⑦Don't be nervous. 别紧张!⑧Come on. 加油 (图自网络)@教你疯狂背单词
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教你疯狂背单词:【捍卫主权的相关词汇】in protest 抗议 ;demonstrator 示威者 ;maintaining one’s sovereignty and independence 维护主权、独立 ;territorial integrity 领土完整;rge an end 敦促停止;express one’s strong objection to 强烈抗议brook no division不容分割
教你疯狂背单词:【老外的口头禅】1.You bet. 一点也没错。2.Kind of. 是有那么一点。3.That's OK. 不用了。4.Go out on a limb. 冒险。5.Same here. 我也是。6. It's still up in the air. 不确定。6.Just checking. 只是随口问问。7.The thing is.重点是。8. fix up/hook up 撮合某人。关注@教你疯狂背单词
教你疯狂背单词:【雅思颜色词汇】pink 粉红色;salmon pink 橙红色;baby pink 浅粉红色;shocking pink 鲜粉红色;brown 褐色, 茶色;beige 灰褐色;chocolate 红褐色, 赭石色;sandy beige 浅褐色;camel 驼色;amber 琥珀色;khaki 卡其色maroon 褐红色green 绿色@教你疯狂背单词
教你疯狂背单词:【好笑的英语谐音】pregnant 怀孕 —扑来个男的;ambulance 救护车 —俺不能死;ponderous 肥胖的 —胖的要死;pest 害虫 —拍死它;ambition 雄心 —俺必胜;agony 痛苦 —爱过你;bale 灾祸 —背噢;admire 羡慕 —额的妈呀 挑战难度英语关注@教你疯狂背单词
教你疯狂背单词:【谢耳朵损人小短句】Poser!耍大牌;stingy bastard!小气鬼;Nerd 书呆子;Same difference半斤八两;You just don't appreciate it.不识抬举;How did it come to this!岂有此理;Playing with fire 找死;Lucky bastard!狗屎运;Don't play innocent!别装蒜;That's rubbish!胡扯 @教你疯狂背单词
教你疯狂背单词:【烹饪配料】食醋vinegar;盐salt;酱油soy sauce;太白粉cornstarch;干辣椒dried chillies;小葱spring onion;蒜瓣garlic;花椒peppercorn;姜ginger;糖sugar;番茄酱tomato sauce/ketchup;酒wine;八角茴香star aniseed;麻油sesame oil;蚝油oyster sauce;味精monosodium glutamate;香菜coriander
教你疯狂背单词:【最IN英文口头语】我嘞个去:holy crap;额滴神啊:oh my God;我的天哪:Jesus Christ;牛了B了:fring awesome;神马东西:what the hell;傻了吧唧:stupid ass;闭嘴吧你:shut the fu*k up;臭不要脸:you'e got such a nerve;胡说八道:totally nonsense
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