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冷峰E://@爱丽花粉团: //@访书客: //@费明微博: //@傲雪寒梅640: //@玛格勒彼德S:养这些武装力量的钱够工人一辈子的社保基金了,为何宁愿养这些狗也不缴纳呢?因为养狗可以克扣狗粮,赚取大量的维稳资金。
冷峰E:Had no other choice in this blog, because I know you can understand, why do you disappear for no reason? Escape? If you see, can you respond? Looking forward to your appear.[心]
冷峰E:l'm sorry I didn't hold on to you with so much strength that even God couldn't pull you away. MY life began when l found you and l thought it had ended when I failed to save you.[思考]
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