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【回味】八年前,一个个旧女孩与澳门的相遇。 WeChat ID gjdaxiguo About Feature 小个旧,大锡都。 点击"阅读原文"有惊喜哦~ ... more
一个人的旅行-----:喜欢这句"没文化不怕,但要始终有学习的状态。 "//@潘石屹:没文化不怕,但要始终有学习的状态。 //@任志强:公开讽刺小潘没文化?
一个人的旅行-----:#Great Leap Liu#Communist Party chief famed for building China's high-speed rail network has been given a suspended death sentence after he was revealed to have siphoned off hundreds of millions of dollars to fund a luxury life with 374 houses, 16 cars and a harem of mistresses
一个人的旅行-----:When the sound of summer holiday is approaching, I start to miss everything. I do hope I have the ability to clear my memory. Many singular notions dawn on me! In that chilly winter afternoon, I was wandering on the street and went to the cinema to watch the movie called Love.
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